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I Love Milkshakes 

About us

We are an old-fashioned milkshake shop with a twist.


We help our customers shake things up by giving them a smorgasbord of ingredients, flavors, and unusual combinations to craft their perfect milkshake, be it a guilty pleasure or a guilt-free delight.


Our story started back in 2011 when the founder and young entrepreneur decided to put her passion on the road.


I Love Milkshakes came up with a combination of what every American was used to have as the most classic and indulgent Milkshake with a better balance for their health concerns.


The solution was to innovate on the best quality ingredients, add new options as the Açaí superfood to make available the guilt-free ice cream you should have.

Our Space

With modern store and a custom designer, I Love Milkshakes provides its clients with a warm and pleasant environment, ideal to go with friends and family.


Our mission is to shake up everyone’s routine with joy and flavor.



We serve to our purpose with joy and happiness


We have passion in our heart, mind and hands to wow our customers


We believe in diversity, teamwork and servant leadership


We are curious, always looking to make things better and in different ways


We aim-high, work-hard and have fun


We are accountable and committed to our systems and process


We uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and excellence