“I Love Milkshakes is the kind of business that you can express your creativity through and prove you can achieve success making other people happy”

Pillar, Owner of I Love Milkshakes.

Our Concept:

The I Love Milkshakes values a sound quality of life, offering a wide variety of fat-free products and low-calories offerings, for those who want to enjoy a delicious dessert without leaving the diet or being exposed to particular allergies.

We offer thousands possibilities of Milkshakes combinations, along with our choices of dried and fresh fruit toppings, cereals, and chocolates, guaranteed to love at first sight of our customers.

With a modern store and a custom design, I Love Milkshakes provides it’s clients with a warm and pleasant environment that is ideal to go with friends and family.

Why ILMS: Benefits

  • Our frozen treats are carefully manufactured using real fruit, and unique recipes.
  • Attractive profit margins.
  • We are flexible in terms of our store types and dimensions, and offer models for areas that have a minimum population of 25,000.
  • We’ll help you find your ideal location and get you set-up.
  • Quick return of invested capital.
  • Low Investment needed.

Business Models

Store and Kiosk

An easy way to work with business in the footprint of the American Culture.

1. Send us an email

2. Set a meeting with our milkshake lover representative

3. Fill the application forms

4. Get approved and become a Become a Milkshakes Lover Franchisee

Franchisee Profile

A Person who will treat and respect the brand development and exposure.

A person with confidence and enthusiasm for the product or service being sold, not merely a desire to make a profit.

A person with high motivation and the drive to achieve success.

An individual who does have administrative or entrepreneurial skills necessary to start, develop and operate a viable business.

An individual who seeks to understand and respect clientes.

An individual who is not only good at learning new things but who is also able to motivate and train others.

Have you ever thought I love

Milkshakes reserved just for you?

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