The I Love Milkshakes  values a sound quality of life, offering a wide variety of fat-free products and low-calorie offerings, for those who want to enjoy a delicious dessert without leaving the diet or being exposed to particular allergies.

We can build thousands of Milkshakes combinations, along with our choices of dried and fresh fruit toppings, cereals, and chocolates, guaranteed to love at first sight of our customers.



Various flavors of milkshakes with the choice of three sizes and hundreds of ingredients to make as unique as you are. To help guide you to your favorite taste, we have categorized our specialties so that you can always find your go-to shake easily:

Traditional Shakes | Premium Shakes | Smoothies | Guilty-Free Shakes | Sundays



This healthy and tropical berry from Brazil can make a simple bowl become a full meal, filled with benefits and flavor.
Add your mix of cereal and fruit to it slightly form and boost your energy, fight diseases, and control weight loss.



Make your frozen Yogurt even more tasty wuth delicious options of dried and fresh fruit, cereal and chocolate toppings.



With only 140 calories (cone) while the traditional ice cream has 290 calories, ILMS’ ice creams are deliciously creamy in any of the options you choose.



A delicious combination of fresh fruit to build your fruit salad your way. With our wide choice of fruits options, you can make your salad even more nutritious by adding AÇAÍ SUPERFOOD.